We help your leaders be the best they can be. We help your leaders be the best they can be. We help your leaders be the best they can be.

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Harrington Learning Consultants is a full service firm that supports its clients by leveraging current business situations, mentoring, and coaching as a way to facilitate leadership development within their organizations.  We have built a network of highly experienced professionals who combine backgrounds in finance, management, sales, and behavioral sciences with practical business experience. 

Organizations are made up of people, knowledge, and intellectual resources. These assets are your competitive advantage. Leaders help to guide that human talent, steering it with strategic vision towards a collective goal. Our job is to help your leaders be the best they can be.


  •  Leadership Development
  •  Employee Engagement
  •  Training Delivery and Instruction Design

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“We focus on the company’s business objectives to ensure that human capital development efforts have a measurable impact on the bottom line.”

Danielle M. Harrington, Principal
Harrington Learning Consultants