Harrington Learning Consultants offerings are meticulously tailored to your unique organizational needs. Our application of professional development and organizational development principles ensures transformational and forward-looking strategies which align with business objectives to achieve the very best for organizations.


Comprehensive assessment of the current state of the organization and understanding your goals.




  • Needs Assessment
  • Culture Check
  • Setting Expectations






Partner with organization on the plans for organizational changes and the design of training programs to meet  business objectives.




  • Program Design
  • Organization Redesign
  • Career Pathway




Delivery of messaging and training initiatives that will allow employees to be successful. Assessment of the impact of the changes and training.



  • Training Delivery
  • Employee Engagement
  • Ongoing Evaluation

Other Services

We also offer other human resources support services to small and midsize organizations.




  • Onboarding and Off-boarding
  • Recruitment
  • Personnel Records Management
  •  Benenfits Management